About-Re-Elect Kiki Vigil Sheriff of Dona Ana County
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The Vigil family is a hardworking family coming from humble beginnings. He was raised on a farm on the South Valley of Doña Ana County. As a young man, he was instilled the values of strong work ethic and ethics. He not only excelled academically, but also in boxing and wrestling as his extracurricular activities. He has been a longtime resident of Doña Ana County and was raised in Anthony, NM. He is a graduate of Gadsden High School, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in government at New Mexico State University.


Enrique “Kiki” Vigil is married to Melanie Altuna Vigil who was raised in Las Cruces, NM. They have been married for 29 years. Melanie also retired from the United States Justice Department with the Bureau of Prisons. She too received her degree from New Mexico State University in psychology. Melanie and Kiki have raised two (2) wonderful children, Jason and Briana. They are graduates of Las Cruces High School and received their undergraduate degrees from New Mexico State University. Jason received his law degree from the University of Kansas. He has become a Prosecutor and is on his own path to establish a promising career. Briana is pursuing an advanced degree and career with the Federal Government.


Sheriff Vigil brings to the office a distinguished career in law enforcement, which includes more than 29 years of experience, serving in many different capacities. He served with the United States Justice Department, one year with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and 24 years with the U.S. Marshals Service. At the U.S. Marshals Service he was a senior supervisor and administrator, serving as Task Force Commander, with the Lone Star Fugitive Recovery Task Force, Violent Offender and Sex Offender Fugitive Recovery. As Task Force Commander, Sheriff Vigil oversaw hundreds of violent fugitive apprehensions throughout the country and abroad, including the recovery of violent offenders who had sought refuge in Mexico. He was responsible for the administration of budgets, capital outlays, grants and special programs and projects to apprehend violent fugitives and promote public safety. He developed strong relationships with several law-enforcement agencies in the United States and Mexico. He is credited for allocating resources to enhance training and funding for special programs.


Upon assuming office, he requested a forensic audit of federal grants (Operation Stonegarden) that were funded to the previous administration. This audit determined that there was serious misuse of funds and that overtime was being used by command staff instead of non-supervisory deputies as required, which is stipulated by this grant agreement. He immediately took corrective action, and now all grant programs are running as best practices.

Sheriff Vigil is very passionate about his convictions and commitments to public safety. If he could not fulfill these essential goals, the very basic needs of public safety could not be achieved. His tenacity in pursuit of promoting public safety was key in achieving these goals.
Sheriff Vigil is proud to report that the following has been achieved in his first term:
1. He was relentless in standing his ground on these issues as matters of principle, especially in view of the fact that the County Commission passed a GRT tax increase under the umbrella of public safety and roads.
2. The deputies and command staff at DASO were able to finally receive a significant pay increase comparable to Las Cruces Police Department and other agencies. It was his support and testimony in the arbitrations that helped the Arbitrator rule in favor of the Deputies’ Union.
3. The quota system, of issuing a set number of citations is no longer a practice at DASO. The deputies have been visible in the unincorporated areas of the county and have developed partnerships with businesses and the community. DASO is now an agency that is promoting positive race and community relationships.
4. The majority of the DASO fleet has been replaced with new black and white SUV units. There is a preventative maintenance plan to replace older models with mileage over 60,000 miles. These SUVs are conducive to the rural and remote areas of the county. Most law enforcement agencies throughout the state and country are converting to the use of these types of vehicles for safety and durability.
5. DASO has new communications systems and towers that have drastically improved communication and officer safety.
6. There is a new Reporting Management System (RMS) with updated and protected servers. This is being used by DASO and other law enforcement agencies within the County.
7. DASO created the white collar task force with the District Attorney’s Office. This led to several arrests of county employees within the County Clerk’s Office who were stealing identities, and selling them to organized criminal enterprises in Mexico and who, in turn, were filing fraudulent tax returns.

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